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Research Handbook on Global Administrative Law, edited by Professor Sabino Cassese, reviewed on Irpa.

Symposium on GAL published in International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON), 2015

"Debating on Global Administrative Law" online at EUI.

"Global İdare Hukuku Tartışmaları", Gazi Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi Dergisi, Cilt XVI, Sayı 3, Yıl 2012, s. 121-135 (in Turkish) ("Debates on Global Administrative Law", Journal of Gazi University Law Faculty, Volume XVI, No: 3, Year 2012, pp. 121-135), by Assistant Professor Münci Çakmak, Gazi University Law Faculty, Ankara, Turkey.

Un droit administratif global? / A Global Administrative Law?, edited by Clémentine Bories (Paris: Pedone, 2012).  The volume is based on the colloquium held on June 16-17, 2011 at the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre, and supported by the Centre de droit international and the Centre de recherche en droit public.

Global Administrative Law: Towards a Lex Administrativa - edited by Javier Robalino-Orellana and Jaime Rodríguez-Arana Muñoz.

Acta Juridica (2009), special issue on Global Administrative Law, presenting papers from the NYU IILJ-University of Cape Town joint conference. Here are the Cover, Table of Contents, and the illuminating Opening Address on Global Administrative Law by South Africa's long-serving Minister of Finance, the Hon. Trevor Manuel.    Also available as a soft-cover book from Juta with same contents, edited by Hugh Corder, here is the Cover

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Welcome to the Website of the Global Administrative Law Project

About the Project...


Based in the Institute for International Law and Justice, the Global Administrative Law (GAL) Project is focused on an emerging field of research and practice: the increasing use of administrative law-type mechanisms, in particular those related to transparency, participation, accountability and review, within the regulatory institutions of global governance. Concept and working definition.

Basic Resources

Project Overview Article
"The Emergence of Global Administrative Law"
Benedict Kingsbury, Nico Krisch and Richard B. Stewart (also available in Spanish [2007 & 2010 versions], Chinese, French, Polish [published in Forum Prawnicze, transl. Piotr Szwedo], Spanish, and Farsi (translated by Navid Rahbar Sato and Meysam Beyk Mohammadi, SBU))

Hacia el Derecho Administrativo Global: Fundamentos, Principios y Ámbito de Aplicación. Benedict Kingsbury and Richard B. Stewart, Global Law Press, 2016.

Global Administrative Law: The Casebook (3rd ed.)
Edited by S. Cassese, B. Carotti, L. Casini, E. Cavalieri, and E. MacDonald

GAL - Cases, Materials, Issues (2nd ed.)
Edited by S. Cassese, B. Carotti, L. Casini, M. Macchia, E. MacDonald, and M. Savino

Law and Global Governance book series, Oxford University Press (editors Andrew Hurrell, Benedict Kingsbury, and Richard B. Stewart)

Global Administrative Law book series (including works by Sabino Cassese, Jean-Bernard Auby, and José Luís Meilán Gil), directed by Professor Javier Barnes, Seville

IRPA Working Papers Global Administrative Law Series

Partner Institutions/ Research Projects

GAL Bibliography

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GAL Working Paper Series

Working Paper 2014/2: Richard B. Stewart: Addressing Problems of Disregard in Global Regulatory Governance: Accountability, Participation And Responsiveness

Working Paper 2012/1: Horatia Muir Watt, Private International Law Beyond The Schism

Working Paper 2011/1: Karl-Heinz Ladeur, The Emergence of Global Administrative Law and Transnational Regulation

Working Paper 2010/5: Lorenzo Casini, The Making of a Lex Sportiva: The Court of Arbitration for Sport “The Provider”

Working Paper 2010/2: Kevin E. Davis, Benedict Kingsbury, and Sally Engle Merry, Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance

Journal Symposia
(full text)

ICON (2015)

World Bank Legal Review, ed. H Cisse, D.  Bradlow, B. Kingsbury (2011)

International Organizations Law Review (2009)

Res Publica Argentina (2007)
European J. Int'l Law (2006)
NYU J. Int'l. Law & Pol. (2005)
Law & Cont. Problems (2005)

GAL Emerging Scholars Papers

South Asia Dialogue Series

Other Relevant Publications