Colloquia and Clinical Programs

Spring 2014 IILJ Colloquium

IILJ International Legal Theory Colloquium Spring 2014

Convened by Professors Grainne de Burca and Benedict Kingsbury

NYU Law School
Mondays 4 pm - 5:50 pm or Tuesdays 4 pm - 5:50 pm on dates shown
Monday sessions are in Vanderbilt Hall 202
Tuesday sessions are in Furman Hall 316

This scholarly Colloquium each Spring examines major theoretical issues in international law. In Spring 2014 the theme is the fundamental but neglected one of "Relations between Institutions in Global Governance." Speaker sessions are open to everyone in the NYU community, and people are welcome to attend any or all of them.  Papers will usually be available on this website the week before the particular session. 

Students are assigned to write three reaction papers which go to the speakers ahead of the public discussion sessions, as well as completing a short related research paper, and also meet separately as a group in an intensive advanced international law seminar with the instructor. The research paper (or the much longer final paper preceded by a full draft due earlier, if the "substantial writing" option is chosen) will be turned in towards the end of the semester. Some prior knowledge of international law or legal philosophy or international relations theory is essential.

Schedule of sessions:

Monday January 27th, 4-5:50 pm
Neha Jain, University of Minnesota, General Principles of Law as Gap-Fillers

Tuesday January 28th, 4-5:50 pm, Seminar

Monday February 3rd, 4-5:50 pm, Seminar

Tuesday February 4th, 4-5:50 pm
Janie Chuang, American University, The Shifting Meanings of Human Trafficking

Monday February 24th, 4-5:50 pm
Annelise Riles, Cornell, Managing Regulatory Arbitrage

Tuesday February 25th, 4-5:50 pm, Seminar

Monday March 3rd, 4-5:50 pm
Jessica Green, Case Western, From Green to REDD: Private Regulation and the Politics of Carbon Sinks

Tuesday March 4th, 4-5:50 pm, Seminar

Monday March 24th, 4-5:50 pm, Semina

Tuesday March 25th, 4-5:50 pm
Ralf Michaels, Duke University, Post-critical Private International Law and (background reading) Conflict of Norms or Conflict of Laws

Monday April 7th, 4-5:50 pm, Seminar

Tuesday April 8th, 4-5:50 pm
Kevin Davis, NYU, Law, Regulation, and Development (comments from David Malone, Rector, United Nations University and Senior Fellow, IILJ)

Background Reading (will be discussed)
Jean-Michel Severino and Olivier Ray, The End of ODA: Death and Rebirth of a Global Public Policy (2009)

Monday April 21st, 4-5:50 pm
Ingrid Wuerth, Vanderbilt University, Custom in the Age of Soft Law

Tuesday April 22nd, 4-5:50 pm Seminar (last of the semester)